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Client Testimonials

Small business owners and entrepreneurs require an efficient proactive legal team to implement their business plans. Moyes Sellers & Hendricks’ possesses this skill set and others that helped me accomplish my business goals. I highly recommend the firm.

Justin Tinkle
Avail Recovery Solutions

MS&H understands business and unravels the legal complexities in a way that allows us to make good business decisions. Their lawyers provide the horsepower of large law firms and are much more accessible.

Mark Winkleman
ML Manager LLC

If you are looking for positive results and an effective attorney that leverages his expertise, then you need to use the services of Moyes, Sellers and Hendricks. For four years, our prior attorneys dragged the case out and lost interest over time. After hiring Mr. Lopez, he wrote one strongly worded email to our opposing counsel. The lawsuit was immediately dropped and we agreed on a walk-away. Moyes Sellers & Hendricks is by far the best law firm we have ever used. If you want action and extraordinary results, give them a call, you won’t be disappointed!

Donna Cunningham and Larry Donnelly

Being a small business owner, litigation is never fun. When picking a firm, I wanted somebody that took things as personally as I did, had the same tenacity, and frankly, the guts needed to win. Moyes Sellers & Hendricks exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them for all business needs.

Tom Cavinder
SW Elevator Company

In a time of difficulty, when we had limited options and were in a vulnerable state, the attorneys at Moyes Sellers & Hendricks came to our aid. They got our insurance company to work with us and researched every avenue possible to get our case dealt with in a just manner. We will always be grateful for their help.

Dr. Nimit Agarwal

I have used the firm Moyes Sellers & Hendricks to represent us in complex commercial litigation. I could not have asked for better representation. I knew where we stood and how reasonable our positions were. I could not be more satisfied.

Elliot D. Pollack
Chief Executive Officers
Elliot D. Pollack & Company

Moyes Sellers & Hendricks was professional, diligent, and produced great results. Responsive and always available, the firm was instrumental in procuring a victory in the Superior Court and Court of Appeals. I would highly recommend them for any legal needs.

Mark Abromovitz

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I would not hesitate to recommend Moyes Sellers & Hendricks and its team to anyone in need of sharp, pro-active, experienced litigators.

Michelle Green
President Two Twelve Direct.

Moyes Sellers & Hendricks brought a smart approach to our work in a rate case. Their attorneys are well-spoken and direct, and their advice helped elevate our position.

Lance Jungmeyer
Fresh Produce Association of the Americas

Southwestern Utility Management operates more than 30 water companies, serving over 40,000 customers. We routinely have to address a broad spectrum of issues such as setting rates, complex financing, construction, contract negotiations, service area expansions, water quality, water rights, environmental matters, government compliance, employment, and general business issues. Moyes Sellers & Hendricks handles all of these legal needs quickly, which saves me time and money. I highly recommend the firm.

Bonnie O’Connor
Southwestern Utility Management, Inc.

Our company was the defendant in what should have been a fairly straight-forward lawsuit over a contract dispute with a sales rep. The lawsuit had dragged on for several years before we brought Moyes Sellers & Hendricks on board. They came up to speed very quickly on the case, developed a strategy to get to mediation, and got us a successful resolution of the case within a few months.

Scott Bellefeuille
Phoenix Logistics, Inc.

Moyes Sellers & Hendricks has been instrumental in achieving a successful outcome regarding the recovery of our substantial investment. They have been resourceful and diligent in pursuing many different issues, while keeping the big picture in mind.

Anthony Balakian

I have been a client of Moyes, Sellers & Hendricks for a long time. Over the years I have found the attorneys to have a good balance of technical advice and business sense. I would highly recommend their firm.

David Breedlove
United Tissue Network