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Government Procurement

Moyes Sellers & Hendricks Ltd. has a significant government procurement practice. Our attorneys are well versed in assuring that governmental clients comply with applicable procurement rules as well as ensuring that the rights of prospective contractors are protected. We have years of experience addressing the needs of cities, districts, and other government bodies regarding the rules governing how political subdivisions purchase goods and services. Our firm also advises vendors seeking to contract with political subdivisions for goods and services. We have successfully defended the rights of successful bidders and brought actions to protect the rights of bidders to ensure the laws were applied correctly.

Shareholders Keith Hendricks and Steve Wene are the principal leaders of our government procurement team. Keith has successfully defended a client’s right to an award exceeding $500 million by the State of Arizona, at both the trial court and agency levels. Steve typically works with political subdivisions to ensure they follow applicable procurement rules, and defends these public bodies when unsuccessful bidders assert challenges. They are able to represent all participants in the procurement process before state and federal agencies and courts.

Government Procurement Team