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Natural Resources

Moyes Sellers & Hendricks’ attorneys are well known for their strong focus on natural resources development, regulatory, and administrative matters.

Jay Moyes has been instrumental in the development of natural resources policy in Arizona for more than 35 years. He has an extensive background counseling agricultural special districts and other public and private entities involved with natural resources. He advises on siting, permitting, and regulation in front of county, state, and federal authorities regarding water, electricity, solar, gas-fired and hydroelectric power generation and transmission development.

Steve Wene’s natural resources practice is primarily focused on water rights and advising private and public utilities. Steve has represented more than 50 municipal and private clients regarding water rights adjudication and use. He has successfully litigated natural resource matters before the Supreme Court of Arizona. Steve frequently represents small utilities before the Arizona Corporation Commission and other regulatory authorities.

Jeff Zimmerman’s 30+ years of natural resource practice has been geared toward environmental regulatory compliance, surface water rights, groundwater rights, effluent reuse, mining and mining claims, federal and state leases, special districts including irrigation and community facilities districts, and public utilities matters.

Jason Moyes has over 10 years of experience representing and advising agricultural special taxing districts, small utilities, customer trade organizations, real estate developers, and other regulated clients on water and power administration.  In addition, he is experienced in the planning, siting, and permitting of solar and gas-fired electric generating and transmission facilities.

Natural Resources Team